Are presents age appropriate

Yes – this year we have taken feedback on board and the present a child receives will be appropriate to the child’s age. As a result we are asking you to give the age of your child/children when you book tickets

Can I take photos/video

You can take photos but we ask that you don’t take video please. Last year someone videoed the whole attraction and ruined it for others which is why we ask you not to. If you do take photos please tag us in on social media – @magicalleystratford on Facebook and Instagram and @SeekTheMagicOrg on Twitter

How long does the experience last

The experience lasts approximately 45 minutes to an hour for the majority of the session. The duration will be reduced for sessions aimed at children under 5 as they do not complete a quest

Can I bring a pushchair

Pushchairs/prams cannot be accommodated on the shop floor. If they are brought to the venue they will have to be left downstairs at the owner’s risk.

Do you have wheelchair access

Yes. We have a lift to the first floor. Please highlight any accessibility issues you have when you book the tickets in the box provided – thank you