There are 3 Halloween events this year

The Witching Hour – A  Spinetingling Blood Curdling Murder Mystery


This is the most flexible event and is recommended for children aged 8/9+ but parental discretion is in place for children over 6 as you know your children best!

There has been a murder at Magic Alley. Enter The Witching Hour, our Halloween Murder Mystery, where aspiring detectives are invited to uncover the truth behind a blood curdling crime! Join us for an immersive Halloween themed experience filled with forensic puzzles, mind-bending riddles, and exciting challenges, as you work to solve the murder that has shaken the enchanted grounds. Unleash your inner detective, unravel clues, and unlock secrets in this spooktacular adventure.  Best suited to those who love Halloween and a good murder but do not want to take part in our scare fest event.

Sound and lighting effects are used but this is not a scare attraction so no one will jump out at you but there may be a performer in the attraction especially over the half term holiday. It May not be suitable for photo sensitive epilepsy sufferers or those sensitive to coloured lights and surprise sound effects

Children under 6 will not be permitted entry and tickets purchased for younger children are not refundable. It is not possible to bring babies or dogs to this event as part of our safeguarding policy.

The experience lasts approximately an hour to an hour and a half

Small group entry – please get in touch via email on magicalleystratford@gmail.com if you want to bring more than 6 people


The Witching Hour – A Blood Curdling Murder Mystery (Evening events Suitable for 13+ only but not a scare attraction) Halloween cocktail/mocktail included

Saturday 14th October and Monday 30th October

Welcome to The Witching Hour – A blood curdling immersive Halloween Murder Mystery Event! Step into a world of intrigue and excitement as you unravel the clues and solve the chilling murder that has befallen our enchanted realm. Suitable for both adults and children over 13, this immersive experience combines the thrill of Halloween with the challenge of solving forensic puzzles. Put your detective skills to the test as you interrogate suspects, work with seasoned detectives, and follow the trail of evidence. Unleash your inner detective and enjoy the eerie atmosphere as you sip on Halloween-themed cocktails or mocktails. Join us at Magic Alley for an unforgettable night of mystery and excitement this Halloween season!

Suitable for adults and children 13+

The experience lasts approximately an hour to an hour and a half

Small group entry – please get in touch via email on magicalleystratford@gmail.com if you want to bring more than 6 people

If you want to book one adult ticket please email Sam on magicalleystratford@gmail.com and she can override the system. Please note due to the nature of the attraction we are unable to sell one adult ticket with no one accompanying.


The Witching Hour After Dark – A Murderer is on the loose – will you be his next victim? (suitable for adults only – a scare attraction) Tickets on sale now

This event is taking place on the following dates

Friday 20th – 3 slots left

Saturday 21st – sold out

Friday 27th – sold out

Saturday 28th – sold out

Halloween – 2 slots left

Please scroll to the bottom of the ticket shop list on any particular date to find this event

Welcome to The Witching Hour After Dark, the ultimate Halloween murder mystery scare fest for adults only! Prepare for a night of spine-tingling thrills and heart-pounding suspense as you step into the dark and mysterious world of Magic Alley at Halloween. Immerse yourself in an interactive experience where you must solve intricate puzzles to unravel the bloody murder that has shrouded our enchanting realm. With forensic puzzles to challenge even the most astute detectives, this event is perfect for those with a keen eye for detail. But beware, for lurking in the shadows are cunning murderers, and it’s up to you to solve the crime before becoming their next victim. Brace yourself for an unforgettable evening of mystery, danger, and excitement. If you escape with your life you will be able to savour the taste of Halloween with our delectable Halloween-themed cocktails or mocktails. Join us at The Witching Hour After Dark and experience Halloween like never before. Book your tickets now and unleash your inner detective in this terrifyingly thrilling adventure!

This is a scare attraction with live actors, sound and lighting effects.  Our aim is to scare you while you try to solve the crime! Strictly over 18s.

The experience lasts as long as you can stand it!

Tickets purchased for anyone younger than 18 will be void and the money forfeit – you have been warned!

If you want to bring more than 6 people please email Sam on magicalleystratford@gmail.com

If you can’t see the date it may well have sold out 

On Friday 27th October we cannot take online bookings due to a broadband/telephone fault in the shop but we can still take walk in bookings