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Nightmare now has very limited availability over half term see below as a few more slots have been added (26th October)

Welcome to Nightmare

This Halloween embark upon a spinetingling adventure that will take you on a spooktacular journey around The Enchanted (or should that be Haunted) Manor. Complete the quest and solve the puzzles and win your freedom! (Oh and a prize and certificate in paranormal investigation!)

Sound and lighting effects are used but this is not a scare attraction so no one will jump out at you! May not be suitable for photo sensitive epilepsy sufferers or those sensitive to coloured lights and surprise sound effects

Suitable for children aged 6 and above. There are no actors in this session during weekdays but at weekends there will be a magician performing age appropriate magic.

Nightmare recommended age 8+ will have an actor present in the attraction – children over 6 may be permitted at the discretion of the parents/guardians

The experience lasts approximately 45 minutes

Social Distancing in operation only one group per session

All Covid safety measures will be in place in line with the government guidance at the time of the event


Magic After Dark

Magic After Dark

Join Jester Styles and Sylvia Sceptre on a magical journey through the haunted Enchanted Manor

Allow Jester Styles to guide you on a journey into the darker depths of magic and mystery. Tarot cards, voodoo dolls and witchcraft will be the topics of the evening. Some of it may be hard to watch, but you won’t want to look away

Join the enigmatic Sylvia Sceptre in her parlour of paranormality. She will intrigue, delight and send shivers down your spine with her strange and dark magic. Audiences will be laughing and shivering in equal measure. For ghost stories laced with magic and mirth, all souls enter here…

Timed Entry and any and all appropriate government restriction will be adhered to. If necessary we will contact customers to make arrangement if restrictions are put in place

Suitable for those 13+

All relevant government guidelines at the time of the event will be adhered to


Talking to the Dead: A Séance

Is it possible to communicate with the dead? Griffin and Jones intend to find out. Face your fears, and join them for an intimate, fully immersive experience as they use techniques from Victorian séance rooms to peer into the Great Beyond, and ask the question “Is anybody there? Don’t believe in ghosts? Neither did we. Sceptics and believers welcome.

Running time approximately 45 minutes

Suitable for anyone 18+

All relevant government guidelines at the time of the event will be adhered to


Nightmare After Dark

Nightmare After Dark

Welcome to the stuff of nightmares! Not for those of a nervous disposition

Halloween scare attraction. Sound and lighting effects will be used and there will be actors in the experience.

There is a glass of prosecco or equivalent soft drink included if you make it out alive

Timed Entry and socially distanced groups

All appropriate Covid safety measures will be in place as required and if we are limited to numbers (ie rule of 6) then we may need to contact you to make alternative arrangements if you are the last group to book taking the number over 6

Suitable for those 18+