February Half Term and Easter

February half term

Please note that due to nature of some of the exhibits and the complexity of the puzzles this event has a strict age limit of 6+ and children under 6 will not be permitted entry. This is as part of our safeguarding policy. This event is also not suitable for dogs.

Easter Edition

As we are adding an egg hunt to the Easter version of this event we are permitting entry from age 4 upwards with parental discretion when accompanying at least one child over 6. There must be at least one child over 6 in the group.

Please be advised that there are dinosaur exhibits and a large dragon which can be quite intimidating to younger children. Younger children will also need considerable assistance with the puzzles in the attraction. The Easter event is still very suitable for older children we are simply including younger children so they can take part in the egg hunt. For older children and adults the egg hunt is optional. This event is still not suitable for dogs unfortunately.

If you want to come without children as a group of adults please email Sam on magicalleystratford@gmail.com so she can amend the tickets and email over a link thank you 

Step into the enchanting realm of WonderWorld, an extraordinary event unfolding in the heart of Magic Alley, Stratford upon Avon. This unique puzzle-based adventure is perfectly tailored for children over 6 and adults alike, promising an unforgettable journey through a fantasy world where imagination knows no bounds.

WonderWorld is not just an event; it’s a gateway to a world of magic and mystery. As you navigate through an intricate maze of puzzles and challenges, you’ll encounter the most incredible creatures – from the mighty dinosaurs that once roamed the earth to the majestic dragons soaring through the skies. Be dazzled by the grace of unicorns, and let the twinkling lights lead you to the playful fairies in their hidden enclaves.

This experience is designed to spark creativity and wonder in every visitor. Whether you’re a family seeking a fun day out, a group of friends looking for an exciting new challenge, or a group of adults passionate about fantasy worlds looking for something different to do for Valentines, WonderWorld offers something special for everyone.

Don’t miss this chance to explore the unknown and discover the magic within Magic Alley. Book your tickets now for an adventure where dreams and reality merge in a spectacular celebration of fantasy and fun. Join us at WonderWorld – where every puzzle leads to a new discovery, and every moment is filled with wonder and delight.

Carer tickets are not available for this event



Terms and Conditions (abridged please read the terms for each specific event when booking on Ticketsource)

Tickets are non refundable unless the event is unable to go ahead in which case a refund will be processed automatically

Tickets may be able to be exchanged (for example if a member of the party is ill) provided 24 hours notice is given. Please email exchange enquiries to magicalleystratford@gmail.com FAO Sam our Head of Events

This event is suitable for children over 6 and there is no admittance to anyone younger including babies. This event is also not suitable for dogs due to the large props which may cause the dogs distress. This forms part of our safeguarding policy.

There are no on site customer toilets

If you arrive late there is no guarantee that you can be admitted. If you are more than 15 minutes late you will not be permitted entry