The ticket shop is further down the page underneath the Terms and Conditions and the FAQs are underneath the ticket shop – please look at these before you contact us


We are now completely sold out with no possibility of any extra dates being added.

This also means that ticket exchanges are no longer possible unfortunately


Christmas in Toyland – what does it involve?

Enter Christmas in Toyland and make your way through our magical 11 rooms completing the Christmas quest and solving puzzles on the way. As you move through the rooms you will happen upon various elves and complete various toy related activities before meeting Father Christmas. All visitors receive a present including adults and then you continue on your journey through the rest of the themed rooms culminating in a visit to the snow covered Enchanted Forest where you can play in the snow and have a snowball fight! All families will spend about 5 minutes in each room completing puzzles and interacting with the elves (usually just in your family group except for the room directly preceding Father Christmas where there may be two families) . There may be a little queuing if you finish your puzzles very quickly, especially if your children are older and the family in front have younger children. Please bear with us if this happens.

A more personalised experience in 2022

If you book before 30th September we will be in touch to ask for specific information about your family to pass on to Father Christmas. Although this cannot be guaranteed especially if you are late arriving Father Christmas will do his best to make the experience more personal and therefore more magical! Bookings made after midnight on 3rd October will not include this option unfortunately due to administration involved in collating the information

The experience lasts around an hour


2022 Prices

Due to the government charging 20% VAT on ticket sales we have had no choice but to increase our prices. However we do intend to provide a more interactive event this year.

November weekends

December weekdays up to and including 8th December

All tickets are £14 each (regardless of age)


December weekends

9th December onwards

All tickets are £15 each (regardless of age)


Babies are £5 regardless of the date

Please note there is a 2 full price ticket minimum for all slots


2022 Sessions

Children over 4

This year we are offering sessions for children over 4 having taken on board customer feedback. Of course you can bring a younger sibling as before with an older child but we are actually not recommending bringing children under 2 to this event this year.

We have made the decision to aim at our event at slightly older children, in part because the event involves solving puzzles and clues as you move through the themed rooms. Children who cannot read therefore do not get the same experience as older children. We would also like to remind our valued visitors that if you do not want to engage in puzzles etc then our event is probably not the best for you as all of the timings are worked out on the basis of getting involved and therefore anyone who doesn’t will just experience extended queuing times which we would like to avoid.

Children under 4 sessions

specific to 19th Dec and the morning of Sunday 27th November. Additional sessions added on 13th and 14th December

This session is for children over 2. Younger siblings may attend with an older siblings but it will not be possible to bring children under 2 on their own to this event unfortunately

There is no quest in this session. You will enter Christmas in Toyland and walk through the magical rooms until you come to the room prior to meeting Father Christmas where you will meet an elf who will let you in to see Father Christmas when the time comes. Families will be admitted in time order. There will be an activity for children in the holding area but there may be some minimal queuing. 

Families will then continue through the attraction until they enter the snow covered forest. There will be time to play in the forest and have a snowball fight. If restrictions permit two families will be in the forest at any one time with a possible third waiting in the gazebo area. There will be an elf in the forest to help with the snowball fight.

Everyone will receive a present


This year there is a £5 charge for babies under 1 year. Also as a result of customer feedback it is not possible to bring a baby to a weekend session or Christmas holiday session after 5pm and weekdays after 6pm. We thank you for your understanding. Please note that generally we do not recommend this event for anyone under 2 but appreciate that some families will want to bring younger children with older siblings.

Group Bookings

If you would like to book more than 6 tickets you will need more than one slot back to back. This can only be done via Sam if you want to guarantee entry together. Please email Sam on as soon as possible as once availability becomes more limited it may not be possible to accommodate groups – especially at weekends.

Single Adult Tickets

The system is set up for 2 adults as this is a default setting – if you wish to book 1 adult then please get in touch with Sam on BEFORE you book the tickets as if we are unable to process partial refunds (this does not apply to the sessions for children under 4 as the default ticket admits 1 adult and 1 child). This is in no way to discriminate against single parents who we welcome it is just a technical system issue.

Carer Tickets

This year we are offering a carer ticket at the reduced rate of £5. To receive a link with a carer ticket set up please email our Head of Events Sam on  She will advise ont eh best slots available depending upon the additional needs of the member of the group. It may be necessary to submit proof unfortunately due to the number of people who have tried to take advantage of the system in the past. Carer tickets are not available for under 4 sessions. Please note that carer tickets are for those over 18. If you have a young carer (under 18) you can still have a carer ticket but you will need to bring and extra adult with you. Please note there is a minimum of 2 full price tickets per slot so if there is a group of 2 a carer ticket will not be possible unfortunately.

Children with additional needs

If you have children with additional needs then please get in touch with Sam prior to booking and she will do her best to help find the best slot for your child. We do not recommend bringing children with additional needs at weekends when it is extremely busy and consequently can be overwhelming for children with additional needs. We will however do our best to find a slot which will work well for your family. Please do not be offended if Sam asks for more information in order to help. It is only through gathering information that she will be able to give the best advice.

Single Household Policy

Please note we ask that you book in single households in Spring/Summer 2022 in case restrictions are imposed. It will be possible to add additional tickets nearer the time (up to 6 in any one slot) but if additional households are booked into a group and restrictions are imposed these tickets will not be refundable.

Magical Ticket

This year magical tickets will be personalised to your child/children and sent signed for by Royal Mail hence the increased cost. If you buy a magical ticket please check your email for our email asking for the details so we can personalise the ticket. It will only be possible to buy one ticket per booking. If we email and there is no response prior to ticket being sent we will endeavour to reach you a second time but if there is no reply to the second email then the ticket price will be forfeit and no ticket will be sent so please check your spam folder regularly. If you want to book a Magical Ticket you must book by 30th September 2022 – after that date the option will be removed due to the level of administration involved



Terms and Conditions


If for any reason the event is unable to go ahead refunds would be issued automatically and there will be no need to contact us as it is an automatic process.

If this event can go ahead tickets will not be refundable UNLESS Refund Protection is purchased at the time of booking. Please note this cannot be added onto a booking after the event so please do take care to add it during the checkout process. Refund Protection offer refunds under a wide range of circumstances and their terms and conditions can be found here

Please note that we sell the time slot so if someone is unable to attend then we are unable to offer partial refunds. We are still planning to run the event with small group sessions in single households in case of any other Covid variant appearing in the Winter of 2022.

If you book for more than one household in Spring/Summer 2022 and subsequent restrictions do not permit household mixing then the additional tickets purchased will not be refunded as you are asked not to book for multiple households. If restrictions permit potentially additional tickets may be purchased by contacting out Head of Events at least 48 hours in advance. Any additional tickets added cannot exceed the maximum of 6 per timed slot.

If you forget to attend your timed slot unfortunately your tickets will not be refundable and you will not be offered an alternative slot without buying additional tickets. Please note tickets are not transferable and any tickets which are sold on will be invalid.


Tickets may be exchanged up to 48 hours before the event if there is still availability.  Please contact our Head of Events Sam on to process an exchange. Please note that exchanges cannot be processed if the event has subsequently sold out.

Resale and Subsequent Refund

As previously tickets are non transferrable – the only people who can sell Magic Alley tickets are Magic Alley and any other sale will result in the tickets being void.

In certain circumstances (where tickets would otherwise be non-refundable) provided we are given 24 hours notice in writing to we will endeavour to resell your tickets if you can no longer attend. You will receive a full refund if all the tickets resell and a partial refund if only part of the booking is resold for example if you book 6 tickets and only 4 resell you would receive a refund to the value of 4 tickets. Please note booking fees are not refundable.

The circumstances for resale are as follows (evidence may be required)

The event is permitted to go ahead but you are prevented from travelling to the venue as a result of a government restriction.

A member of the party is unwell

You or a member of your party is required to isolate as a result of being contacted by Track and Trace or as a result of isolation imposed by a place of work or education.

This does NOT include (not an exhaustive list)

Double booking yourself

Work commitments

Changing your mind

Isolating by choice

Government mandated quarantine after returning from abroad.

General Terms and Conditions

This event is not recommended for under 2s. It is possible to bring an under 2 to the event but please be aware that the event is predominantly aimed at children over 4. It is not possible for adults to bring a baby in the absence of any other children.

There are no customer toilets available on site. There are public toilets available in Bell Court to the left of the Everyman Cinema. Please allow sufficient time to visit the toilet before your required time slot.

Pushchairs/prams cannot be accommodated on the shop floor. If they are brought to the venue they will have to be left downstairs at the owner’s risk.

If you arrive late admittance cannot be guaranteed. Please arrive 5 minutes before your allocated time. Anyone more than 15 minutes late will not be permitted entry. If you are running late please call the shop on 01789 290969 and we will do our best to make arrangements but these cannot be guaranteed.

If you arrive late and you are the last booking before lunch or a break you will be asked to wait until the break has finished before being permitted entry. If you arrive 5 minutes later than the last slot of the day you will not be permitted entry and no refund will be offered.

If required in December 2022 Covid safety measures will be in place and visitor temperatures will be taken. Anyone with a high temperature of 38 degrees or higher will not be permitted entry.

If you have purchased a magical ticket and you are emailed asking for personalised information and do not reply by the deadline given in the email there is no guarantee that your ticket will be sent. All tickets will be sent signed for and if they do not arrive in time we will not be able to resend the ticket unless 7 days remain prior to the event to allow time for Royal Mail to redeliver.



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